Coalition policies on Indonesia “do not serve Australia’s interests”: Colin Brown

An opinion piece by Colin Brown on The Conversation web site (May 15, 2012) spotlights three recent statements by Tony Abbott and his shadow foreign affairs minister Julie Bishop that relate to Indonesia. If they achieve government the Coalition will (i) turn asylum-seeker boats back to Indonesia, (ii) will regard people smugglers with the same seriousness as Indonesia regards drug smugglers, and (ii) will put greater focus on foreign, particularly Asian language learning for pre-school aged children and above. The first two of these initiatives, says Brown, are “bad policy” and “do not serve Australia’s interests.” Colin Brown is Adjunct Professor at the Griffith Asia Centre, Griffith University. Read the full text of his article with reasons for his critique at:

1 thought on “Coalition policies on Indonesia “do not serve Australia’s interests”: Colin Brown

  1. Turn the boats back and they will stop coming .They will not pay money to get on a boat if they think that they will be turned back.They will stop going through Indonesia if there is no way of reaching Australia .The Indonesian foreign minister says that if we turn them back it will upset the chain.What a joke at the end of the chain is Australia who gets burdened with these welfare blood suckers many who are not even genuine refugees that throw away all identification once passing through Indonesia.Australia has a right to protect its native citizens who built this country from scratch.Most are muslims who do not intergrate and bring ther facsist ideology with them ,that destroyed the countries they ars fleeing anyway.

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