Australian Society of Indonesian Language Educators (ASILE)

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The Eleventh Biennial Conference for Teachers, Administrators and the General Public Interested in the Teaching and Study of Indonesian Language and Culture 

The 2016 ASILE Conference will be hosted by the INTAN (Indonesian Teachers’ Association of South Australia).

The theme for ASILE conference 2016 is “INDOVASI menuju paradigma baru” (moving into a new paradigm) in Indonesian language education.

This theme has been chosen specifically to provoke our thinking about the future of Indonesian language teaching and research. As a field, we find ourselves in challenging times. On the one hand there is much rhetoric about the importance of our relationship with Indonesia and the value of learning Indonesian, and yet on the other hand, we have fewer programs and  studying the language than in previous years. We are in rapidly changing times, with shifting political and economic forces, increased mobility, expanding communication technologies and networks, and demands on us to be innovative and agile.

It is within this context that participants are asked to consider the future of Indonesian language and culture teaching and research. We ask: What do we imagine the future will look like? What will it mean for future generations to learn Indonesian? How might we respond to these challenges and opportunities? What will we need to realise our vision?

All participants interested in these questions and more are encouraged to attend the conference and contribute to the dialogue about the future of our field, and to shape a paradigma baru together.

For information on ASILE 2016 go to:

For information on the 2012 ASILE conference go to:

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