Sulawesi School Tour

Due to insufficient interest this tour was unable to go ahead. We will post here if it is offered again in 2018.


Please see the tour information in full here:

Sulawesi Flyer 2017

Fill out either of these expression of interest forms and return to:

Sulawesi Interest Form non-fillable pdf

Sulawesi Interest Form PDF fillable form



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Information about the tour from 2013.

Teacher In-Country Opportunity

in Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi



Aims:   From September 27th -October 9th 2013 , this project aims to: 

  • Provide Australian teachers of the Indonesian Language* with an in-country experience of lndonesian & the cultures of SE Sulawesi.
  • Provide Indonesian teachers  and students in Kota Kendari, SE Sulawesi with a native-speaker-of-English experience/opportunity
  • Allow for real teacher-student connections between teachers and students in Australia and South-east Sulawesi

Pilot Programme:  An opportunity which provides Australian teachers, both beginning and experienced, with a chance

  • to improve their Indonesian language skills in an immersion setting (home-stay for three nights and experience in a Junior High School)
  • an opportunity to learn something of  history & culture of the South-east Sulawesi area and to understand something of the history that binds us

Download a Powerpoint presentation on the proposed tour at:

Cost includesReturn travel to Makassar, via Bali, plus

  • Tour of Tana Toraja
  • Accommodation in Makassar (2 nights)
  • Air travel to Buton Island
  • Express sea travel, Buton to Kendari
  • All breakfasts, many other meals

Final costing will depend upon number of participants but it is hoped that the final cost will be <AUD $3,000

          The following programme outline is suggested:

Day 1:    Travel from Australia to Bali; overnight in Bali.

Day 2:    Travel from Bali to Makassar, overnight in Makassar

Day 3:     Travel to Tana Toraja – overnight in Rantepao

Day 4:    Cultural tour in Tana Toraja; stay second night in Tana Toraja

Day 5:    Return to Makassar; overnight in Makassar

Day 6:    Fly to Bau-bau, Buton Island – stay in Bau-bau

Day 7:    Historical tour of Bau-Bau, overnight in Baubau

Day 8:    Travel to Kendari

Day 9:    Homestay Kendari.

Day 10:   Homestay Kendari

Day 11:   SMP 5 Kendari

Day 12:   am: SMP 5 Kendari – midday: travel to Makassar; 5pm flight to Bali.

Day 13:   Bali to state capital (overnight flight)

  • *Teachers-in-training are also encouraged to apply 

To register interest, please contact Pamela Davis, Committee member of Balai Bahasa Indonesia (ACT) at:

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