‘Widyawisata’ (study visit) to Yogyakarta

This visit is open to anyone  (teachers, students, parents, etc.) who is interested in knowing a bit more about Indonesia and in learning Indonesian language and culture. If you are under the age of 18, you still can join us if you travel with a parent or guardian.

The program is a still at a draft stage, but the length of the visit and  language components will (most likely) stay as they are.

Please email us at – BBI (ACT): bbiact2013@yahoo.com.au or you can call on 0408 308 782 for your expression of interest (no commitment yet).

Details of the visit itinerary and language and culture components are  subject to change.

Please click below for the (draft) program):



To see these two documents, please follow the links below.

Best wishes to all for 2020.

Heath McMichael
Balai Bahasa Indonesia (ACT)

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Indonesian teachers and school/college principals representing 12 government and non-government schools in Canberra enjoyed an informative and entertaining dinner organised by BBI (ACT) at the Indonesian Embassy on Friday, 22 November 2019. The purpose of the dinner was to celebrate the achievements of Indonesian teachers in ACT schools who tirelessly foster Indonesian language and culture learning in their classrooms. Amongst the more than 50 guests who attended the dinner were the Indonesian Ambassador to Australia, HE Bpk Kristiarto Legowo, the founder of the ACICIS program, Professor David Hill from Perth, and Dr Paul Thomas from Monash University who has edited a new book on the history of learning Indonesian in Australia entitled, Talking North. The dinner also provided an opportunity to mark the efforts of Indonesian Language Teaching Assistants (ILTAs) who give up time during their study at Canberra’s tertiary institutions to help Indonesian teachers in the classroom.

An acknowledged expert on Indonesian grammar and communication, Associate Professor Novi Djenar from Sydney University, delivered a thought-provoking talk on the impact of recent government regulations elevating the status of Bahasa Indonesia as a language in formal usage in Indonesia and in international settings.

The dinner featured a delicious Indonesian meal accompanied by the traditional Sumatran dances, Tari Piring and Tari Rantak performed by the Borobudur Dance Group based in Canberra. The dinner, the fifth such event organised by BBI (ACT), successfully advanced BBI’s mandate to promote Indonesian teaching and learning in Australia.

Guests at BBI (ACT) Dinner

Tari Piring performed at the Dinner

Dr Novi Djenar, Chair of the Department of Indonesian Studies at the University of Sydney

UKBI Indonesian language proficiency test

Try your hand at the Indonesian Government’s Indonesian language proficiency test, known as Ujian Kemahiran Bahasa Indonesia or UKBI.  The Indonesian Embassy is hosting a free of charge, abbreviated pilot of the UKBI test at the Indonesian Embassy in Darwin Crescent, Yarralumla on Saturday, 2 November 2019.  All Indonesian speakers are welcome to try the pilot test.  Register before the deadline of 27 October 2019.  For registration and other details see UKBI Workshop 2019

National Australia Indonesia Language Awards Competition 2019

The National Australia Indonesia Language Awards (NAILA) is organising its fifth national speech competition. The theme for 2019 is ‘Environment’ and will be open between 20 August 2019 to 16 September 2019.

NAILA is a not-for-profit volunteer run initiative of the Australia-Indonesia Youth Association (AIYA), which seeks to reward and encourage proficiency in the Indonesian language. You can view the NAILA website at: http://naila.org.au/

With a total of over $10,000 prize money to be won, the competition offers opportunities for learners at all stages to: practise spoken Indonesian whilst engaging more deeply with topics of relevance and interest; network and forge wider connections; be inspired to pursue Indonesian studies at a higher level.  As many primary and secondary schools as possible, Australia-wide, are invited to participate.

Further details of the competition may be found here NAILA Information Pack 2019.


Dear Balai Bahasa Indonesia (ACT) member

This year the Australia-Indonesia Youth Exchange Program (AIYEP) will take place in Canberra and Brisbane.  The organisers of the AIYEP program are interested in hearing from BBI (ACT) members who would be willing to provide a host family experience for a young Indonesian exchange participant in October and/or provide temporary work experience in a workplace such as a school, business, community organisation and government department.  AIYEP organisers are looking for both host homes and host organisations in Canberra to welcome AIYEPers into their lives.  Details of the host family and workplace experience opportunities may be found in the attached flyers.

  • Host families are needed from the afternoon of 13 October to the morning of 1 November, 2019
  • Host organisations are needed from 14 October to 31 October

Should you be interested in providing a place at home or in your organisation for an Indonesian exchangee, please contact the AIYEP project manager directly as follows:

Dr Elly Kent
Project Manager – Australia Indonesia Youth Exchange Program (AIYEP)
AFS Intercultural Programs Australia
PO Box 5, Strawberry Hills, NSW, 2012
Phone: +61(0)403549284
Email: elly.kent@afs.org
Website: http://afs.org.au/aiyep/

Balai Bahasa Indonesia (ACT) fully supports the aims of the AIYEP as a practical and experience-rich activity to strengthen people-to-people relations between our two countries.

Best regards

Heath McMichael
Balai Bahasa Indonesia (ACT)


Host Families AIYEP38 factsheet

Canberra Host Families Flyer

Host Organisation AIYEP38 factsheet